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Catania's Water Tour

Catania's Water Tour

We will discovered Catania underground and we will lead you between ancient baths, aqueducts, fountains and subterranean rivers in the heart of Catania, a city linked in an indissoluble way to the element of water.

The guide Carmine Rapisarda will lead you in a fascinating tour through history, legends and emotions on the Amenano river, which before being buried by the 1669 eruption supplied water to the entire town of Catania.

Later, the Amenano became a silent and underground ghost, hiding under the land of the city to appear only in some places. In addition, the tour will include the ancient “Achilliane” and the “Rotonda thermal baths”, the main public baths of Roman times, the Roman aqueduct, witnesses of an extraordinary integration of hydraulic architectural elements of the Roman age, we will start our tour from Villa Pacini ( close to the Duomo).

Meeting point 9.00 am Villa Pacini;

Place: Villa Pacini, Catania ( davanti Fontana)

Date: 17 June at 09:00

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