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Tour dell'acqua di Catania

Tour dell'acqua di Catania

The goddes Minerva is smiling above the “l'acqua ìo linzolu”, the majestic Amenano fountain – if you look close, it seems like you're challenget to discover the mysterious source of this river.

A travel that will cross underground rivers, ancient aqueducts and cryptic fountains in Catania – inextricably linked to the water element.

Our guide will immerse you in a suggestive path including history, legends and emotions, crossing the the Amenano scents, which was the main source of water for Catania before being buried by 1669 Etna eruption.

Subsequently the Amenano river became a quiet ghost, hiding in the bowels of the city, appearing only in some spots.

The Amenano waters fed the ancient and famous “Terme Achilliane” (baths), a meeting and therapy center that we will be able to know and explore.
We will also visit the mainpublic, thermal places from the Roman period and the Roman aqueduct, which testify the amazing integration of hydraulic architectural elements of that period.

We will complete the tour just few steps from “Castello Ursino” where, hidden from the busy look of passers-by, we will find an extraordinary place: the Gammazita well – a symbol spot for the city, rich in history and intriguing legends.

Place: centro di Catania

Category: City Tour

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