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Palazzo Biscari Grand Tour

Palazzo Biscari Grand Tour

Discovering one of the most aristocratic, beautiful, massive mansion of Sicily: Biscari Palace – a true masterpiece of Sicilian baroque.

Sicily always enchanted intellectuals, artists and foreign writers, such as Houel, Goethe, Denon and Brydone; the three-point island is saw like a desire of knowledge: not only yourself, but the others too – like an irresistible attraction for foreign people, this island always attracted fantasies and imaginaries of travelers, coming here to understend its uniqueness.
More than two centuries have passed by since the Grand Tour, but the emotions and feelings of those travels were never lost.

The visit inside Biscari Palace will be carry out by the Prince Ruggero Moncada; he will take you back inside the history of this masterpiece of baroque; you will relive the noble Catania, between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, among monumental facades, staircases, frescoes, gardens and fountains.

Place: Palazzo Biscari

Category: City Tour

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