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Ortigia By night Tour between mistery and legends

Ortigia By night Tour between mistery and legends

From Alfeo's impossibile love for Aretusa, Archimede story, S.Lucia vicissitudes and Ortigia cellars; from the mysterious symbols od Montalto Palace to Spidduta legends, the charm of ancient Syracuse, full of secrets, enchant us from almost 3000 years.

You will be guided by Silvia Scollo, who will take you around and inside the very heart of the romantic island of Ortigia, in a time travel going from the sunset to the dim lights of night.

AVAILABLE all year

Duration: about 2 hours and a half

Partecipation fee: it may change depending of the number of people - €10 each with a minimum of 25 people.

Iit includes: touristic guide and organization costs.

Partecipation fee: it can change basing of number of partecipants - € 15,00 each with a minimum number of 20 people.

Place: Ortigia Island

Category: City Tour

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