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Catania by night between mysteries and legends.

Catania by night between mysteries and legends.

You will walk through alleys, statues, monuments, ruins and baroque residences, we will be there to tell you about the history, legends, symbols and miths that will surround you.

The various stages of the tour will include: “Sant'Agata al Carcere” Church Portal and its symbology. Stesicoro, mankind's value and heroism. Villa Cerami, Crociferi street, the headless horse and its intriguing secrets. Bellini statue. “Piazza Università”, the legends about the chandeliers and the tragic Rosalia's story. We will then move to “Piazza Duomo” - the “Liotru”, stone elephant that encases mysterys and magic and that merges history and legends.

We will complete this night tour with the “gloomy” and mysterious Castle URSINO; a place where history, art and magic find their own perfect and delicate balance.

Catania is a city which always had to reborn from ashes: more beautiful, enchanting, always in the same place, as the mythical phoenix which is a symbol of immortality, dominating the triumphal arch of Ferdinando from Sant'Agata cathedral side.

The main keywords for this night tour experience will be legends, curiosities and little known historical aspects of this city. You will discover more during this night walk.

The tour is operable every day by request, depending on availability.

Duration: about 2 hours and a half

Place: Catania centre – meeting point “Piazza Stesicoro”, in front of Roman amphitheater

It includes: tourist guide and organization costs.

Partecipation fee: it could change depending on the number of people


Place: Catania centro

Category: City Tour

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